Monday, November 28, 2011

Not About Sunshine and Flowers - A Poem

How was everyone’s Thanksgivings? My hubby, his family, and I, traveled to Phoenix this year to celebrate the holiday with his mother’s family. We had a great time, just like we always do, and even spent a morning at the zoo. I got to feed a giraffe!

It’s Monday, and therefore the first week that I share a piece of my writing with the rest of you! Each Monday I’ll feature a poem, short story, a glimpse into one of my novels (so much fun to say that!), or something else equally exciting. Since I am in the middle of the crazy last minute fits of finishing up my NaNoNovel, I am going to share a poem with you that I wrote earlier this year after my husband was picking on me about my poetry. I hope you enjoy it.

Not About Sunshine and Flowers
By Ruthie Stickney
Copy-write 2011

“Write a poem” my hubby said,
“Why are all your poem’s sad?”
He asked, and then said,
“Write a poem that’s happy.”

“I’ll write a poem that’s happy,
A poem about sunshine and flowers,”
I told him, thinking that those,
Those are happy images.

“Don’t write about those,”
He told me, “Not about sunshine,
Not about flowers, not these,
That is not happiness.”

So I’ll write a poem that is happy,
But not about sunshine,
And not about flowers,
Definitely not these.

Sunshine makes me think,
Think of good times,
And warm feelings, but…
This is not about sunshine.

Flowers are symbols,
Symbols of love and joy,
And close relationships,
But this is not about flowers.

Happiness, this is about that,
Not about sunshine and flowers.

Happiness is about much more,
Happiness is waking up,
Curled up in warm blankets,
And knowing that the sun has risen.

Happiness is about many things,
The birds of the air and the bees,
The bees that buzz and fly,
And where they find their nectar.

Happiness is about the simple things,
So yes, happiness is about sunshine,
And happiness is about flowers too,
But this is not a poem about those.

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  1. Very nice, Ruthie. It has a very genuine feel to it and I love that the poem is about sunshine and flowers but really is not about sunshine and flowers!