ROW80 Goals

A Round of Words in 80 Days Goals (round 2) - updated weekly! 

What is ROW80? Go here for more information!

Writing Goals:

1. Five Hours Editing a Week (Ideally an hr a day M-F)

2. Blog on a regular basis:
Saturday: Creative Nudge for the week
Sunday: Row80/Goals Post
Monday or Tuesday: My piece for that week's Creative Nudge
Wednesday: Row80/Goals Post
Friday: Book review
Any other posts are bonus!

3. Continue to write and post reviews both here and on

Life Goals:

1. Put more variety in our diets,
try new recipes and cook more often.

2. Clean/Organize the house.
First get things organized,
then get on top of doing weekly chores.

3. Exercise!

4. Take more pictures.

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