Monday, April 16, 2012

Giveaway - Hush Money by Chuck Greaves (with review)

I received “Hush Money” by Chuck Greaves as a part of the come giveaway program. I received an ARC copy (Advanced Reader’s Copy) which typically means that not everything about the book is finalized, typically things like the cover. I hope this is the cover it’s published with though, because I think it does a great job of fitting the story inside!

Now I know that most of the books that I talk about on my blog (or my Good Reads account) are fantasies, but I’ve been reading mysteries for a lot longer, and I still really enjoy picking them up from time to time. “Hush Money” reminded me of John Grisham’s work, a mix of the law, mystery, and thrilling action. In fact, this biggest difference from Grisham’s work is that “Hush Money” is written with a slightly younger feel to it.

Normally socialite Sydney Everett’s insurance claims would be handled by Jared Henley, a lawyer who only has his position because his Daddy is was one of the people who started the firm, and he’s therefore had everything handed to him on a plate. Jared seems to be allergic to work though, and since he’s off doing who knows what, the file for Sydney’s dead show horse is handed to Jack MacTaggart. There’s no love lost between Jack and Jared, but Jack doesn’t mind handling the case too much. Well at least not until he’s framed for murder.

What starts out as an apparent equine death from natural causes soon spirals into multiple murders, cover ups, and attempts on Jack’s life. He handles it all with a wry look at life that often left me chuckling, and a “never give up” attitude that is probably the only reason he ever gets to the bottom of the whole mess. Especially considering the cop who is investigating the murders hates him.

I’d give this book a solid 4 stars. It’s a good mystery that kept me guessing the whole way through, and I really enjoy it when I don’t see the solution coming from chapters in advance! I’d definitely recommend it to any mystery lover, and in fact I’m going to give away my copy to one lucky blog reader! Just use Rafflecopter below to earn multiple entries. Winner will be announced in next Monday's blog post.

*Note* I received this copy for free through, I am not affiliated with Good Reads, and all they request as part of the program is that you write an honest review.

~ Ruthie ~

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