Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Phone has Changed the Way I Read

I remember being a home-schooled kid and asking my Mom what a word meant in the book I was reading. Every time she’d tell me to go pull out the dictionary and, depending on how curious I actually was, I’d go hunting for that worn, pale red volume. It seemed to get put back in a different place every time, which was probably my fault, but that never occurred to me back then.

Once I found our old dictionary I’d flip it open, at first looking straight for the specific word, and finding my fingers going slower at an exponential rate as they became trapped in the wonder of words.

Somewhere along the way I lost a touch of that wonder. I’m not sure what happened, I still loved to tell stories, but since I could usually follow most stories without figuring out the occasional word I didn’t know, I wouldn’t spend the time. That recently changed.

Why? My cell pone of all things! Last year I received a hand-me-down Android phone from my brother. On it’s home screen it has this nifty little google search bar. Since my phone is always right next to me, whenever I’m reading a book and find a word I don’t know, I type it in, and presto, knowledge!

I’ve learned all sorts of nifty words like:
Callipygian = Having shapely buttocks.
Cordwain = Archaic word for shoe maker.
Saturnism = Archaic word for lead poisoning.  
Quotidian = Of or occurring daily.  
Bdellium = Fragrant resin produced by a number of trees related to myrrh, used in perfumes.
Isn't that fun? I'm not sure when I'll use most of those words, (except callipygian, I taught my husband that one) but I don't care! My fun fantasy reading just became educational. All because of my cell phone.

~ Ruthie ~

Ps. Do you have a favorite word? What is it?


  1. I do love a good unknown word myself; there's something about finding out what it means that's just exciting!

    My favorite word is happenstance :)

  2. When I was in 5th grade, my teacher gave us a bonus spelling word. If we could ace it, we aced the entire test. Not to mention we had races on the chalkboard, finding who could write it the fastest. The word?


    To this day I can still spell it. ;)