Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Just a quick post today - I wanted to let you know that all the various pages at the top of this blog (like the Reviews page) are finally up to date! With how crazy life has been these last few months it's been all I could do just to get blog posts up and review books, so updating the various extra pages was overlooked. They looked vary sad and barren, but they are now chock full of all the appropriate links!

You might notice on the Books Read page that the Good Reads goal bar and the actual list of books show different numbers. This happens whenever I fall behind on my reviews - like right now! I still have books from last month to write up reviews on, and I'm already four books (almost five) into this month. Oops. I'm working on catching up though, so hopefully the numbers will be at least close to matching very, very soon.

Have you ever checked out GoodReads.com? I should do a web-site review on it (I'll make that a goal for next week) but for now let me just say it's an awesome site for readers! I post reviews on there for nearly every  book I read, way more than I end up sharing on the blog, so if you want to find out about any of the books on my Read list, but haven't seen them on the blog, you can find the reviews there! Feel free to friend me over there as well, I'd love to know what your reading as well.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have books to review, editing to do, and, um, my taxes >_> (can I just say oops again?)

~ Ruthie ~


  1. What a lot of books, Ruthie! impressive!

  2. I'll friend you - I do love Goodreads. Oh, I read Moon Dance ages ago now - think I quite liked it. Ms Rain rights great vamps. :) X