Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Moving Right Along

I'm still working away on my editing. Now that I have things reorganized in paper form I've been taking the digital copy and rearranging it, as well as inserting my notes, and copying the outline from the 3x5 cards into a single sheet. And I'm not done...

At first when I thought about writing this post I was a little embarrassed. I've had a couple of days - how long does it take to reorganize a file and type in notes? And isn't that a little OCD to do it all at once instead of as I go while editing?

That's when I had to sit back and remind myself that I am my own harshest critic. For one, I have at least worked on my book every day that it's been feasible since we last talked, which is nothing to sneeze at. For two, the reorganizing in digital form is taking a lot longer than I thought I would, so my original guess that it'd be done with an hour of two of work wasn't accurate and I shouldn't hold myself to it. Lastly, I've already seen this as being useful.

There are a lot of plot holes that I'm going to need to fill in this edit. Things where I just "made it happen" and now I need to go back and make it make sense. As I've been copying the old text into a new file, in the current "proper" order, I've come up with some of the solutions to filling those holes. It still feels like I'm being a little OCD about it - but as long as it's helping with the edit - I shouldn't complain right?

I've signed up for round 2 this year of ROW80! Round 1 went nothing like I expected, but that's ok, life does that some times. I don't have definite goals yet for this round, but the official start date isn't until the 2nd, and I should have something by then (maybe).

Don't know what ROW80 is? Check out the website! 

~ Ruthie ~

Ps. How's your writing going?

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