Saturday, January 7, 2012

Creative Nudge #5 And A Fun Picture!

Remember my review of Prison Nation and my author interview with Jenni Merrit?  We've been chatting a lot and went out for coffee today! I was thinking maybe one or two hours chatting... Three and half hours later we were no where near running out of topics and we are planning on getting together at Powell's soon. What's better than two writers talking about books and writing in a book store?

I was a bad girl and never wrote a response to my own writing prompt this last week. Ooops. It's been a bit of a crazy week, I'll write up something for this week's Nudge though!

Creative Nudge #5: Take a character, it could be one from a story your writing or just one you make up on the spot, and do a Q&A session with them! You'll get to know them a lot better along the way - I promise! Ask what ever questions you want. Have any you want me to throw at one of my characters? Leave a suggestion in the comments!

~ Ruthie ~


  1. And what a great 3 1/2 hour chat it was! I can't wait for Powells :)

    Q&A... I like the sound of this one... *thinking...*

  2. So glad you and Jenni got to meet up!! That rocks :)