Monday, January 16, 2012

A Dusting of Snow

Photo by my friend Jenni; Author, Blogger, and Photographer. Check out her blog: Jenni Merrit.

We got some snow this weekend! It was just a dusting, but it was a enough to make the world look pretty. I didn't get any pictures, but Jenni did, so I stole hers! 

Now as to why I didn't get any pictures, and why my blog has been silent... Remember that "little and massively annoying thing which shouldn't completely stop me from writing" that I mentioned in my last post?  Yeah. Um. I was a wrong. It was worse than I thought and I didn't get anything done. Like anything. I didn't even cook for a couple days (poor hubby). 

Long story short, I had a virus that caused an asthma flair up, that resulted in my coughing HARD, and spraining a muscle in my back as well as knocking my back just all out of wack. I shrugged it off, kept doing things, and woke up the next day with the left side of my back swollen and this one line of muscle spasming. Ouch.

Since then I've been a good girl. Very little time at the computer (until today). I didn't even clean my inbox out for three days! And I'm someone who finds unopened emails painful. I did a bunch of reading, took the meds the doctors gave me that made me nice and relaxed (weeeee!), and rested. 

I'm back in the game today...sorta. I still have a lot of healing to do and I start physical therapy tomorrow which will probably both be good for the healing and exhausting. BUT I wrote today! It was just a book review for one of the books I read this weekend, but just doing that felt so good! I also have an idea for a ghost story that I'm going to try and work on later. 

So that's my belated ROW80 check in. Didn't meet any of my goals, but you know what? I think I'm more that excused this time *wink*

~ Ruthie ~ 

Ps. How are you doing on your writing goals?


  1. I'm happy one of my photos served you well! I do like that one... :)

    Keep taking it easy! Luckily writing is something that can be done laying down, if you submit to good old long hand that is ;) Hope you heal fast!

  2. Take as much time as your back needs! Back problems are terrible, so don't push it and make it worse. (Speaking from experience there--take as much time as the doctors and your body tell you to). The internet and your writing will be there when you're fully up and running again, never fear. :)