Monday, January 9, 2012

Just Because

Hey ya'll. Today is supposed to be the day where I post a piece of my writing, or do a post about one of my characters, or SOMETHING related to that. Well... Um... I could. I really could. I'm sure I could go through my stash and find a gem, dust it off, and slap it up on blogger.

I don't wanna.

Yes, I'm whining. You can tell me to go to my room if you want to. Thing is, I haven't done a "just because" post in a long time, and since I'm really not feeling good today, that's what I want to do!

Now, normally I keep things to writing and books on this blog, but that gets a little "all the same" after awhile. Mixing it up a little...see the pretty scarf on the right? That's what I've been spending on lot of my non-real life, non-writing, non-reading time on. For those of you who haven't known me long, I love to create. My passion is beads and jewelry (most often made out of teeny-tiny seed beads) but I love creating things no matter what medium it's in!

This scarf is a project for myself. I'm still a very beginning knitter, and I haven't really done anything since last winter. It's been challenging working with the boucle yarn, it snags easier and can be harder to count, but I've stuck with the basic garter stitch and after pulling things out more times than I want to admit the project is going well! I have two HUGE skeins in this dyelot and I'm hoping to have enough confidence by the time I'm done with the scarf to make hats and gloves. We'll see how it goes! I'll post more pictures as the project progresses.

What do you do with your "non-real life, non-writing, non-reading" time? Does such a thing even exist? If it doesn't... don't hate me. I wouldn't have this much time if I didn't have health problems! See? Even bad things have their upsides.

~ Ruthie ~

Ps. I added the Good Reads book count widget to my books read page - check it out! 


  1. "I don't wanna" is a perfectly sound excuse in my book ;)

    As for my non-writing time, I spend it doing all sorts of things: Hanging out in online communities, writing music, listening to music, reading, watching DVDs, going out to see bands...and mostly, working at my day job ;)

  2. P.S. I take photos and, occasionally, do fine art, too :)